Fable 2

Fable 2 is (unsurprisingly) the sequel to Fable. It’s some sort of action-RPG thing that’s doing the same old “you can be good or evil” thing that everybody’s been pretending that nobody else has been doing ever since KOTOR was released about half a decade ago. But enough about that; let’s talk about what we’re here for: the loading screen.

Fable 2's Loading Screen

Fable 2’s Loading Screen

Fable 2 has an attractive, colorful loading screen which shows a static picture of the location which you’re travelling to.  That gives it a base score of 2 on my five-point “load screen” scoring meter.  It has some diverting text on the screen that changes about once every five seconds, which gives it a bonus point.  Unfortunately, those gears you see in the circle to the left of the text are spinning, and that costs the game a penalty point for “spinning badge on the load screen”.  Additionally, the load screen displays the word “Loading”, which is an additional 0.5 point deduction.


  • Static background image:  2 base points
  • Amusing text:  1 bonus point
  • Spinning loading badge:  1 penalty point
  • Use of “Loading” text:  0.5 penalty point

Rating: ★½☆☆☆